The Ring At 47 Chronos Lane

I left the ring in the safe. All that trouble to break into the house, then get into the safe, only to find a bunch of old newspapers and that cheap velvet box. The house was supposed to contain a lot of valuable things, but i only wanted to get into the wall safe. I’d heard there were diamonds and rubies kept in it.  But nope, the box in the safe contained only a ring. It was silver, but not real was the stuff that turns your finger green. And the stone was just a piece of blue glass. Like imitation sapphire. I’ll need to go back another night and look for the real treasure.  Extremely frustrating. There are gems hidden in places all over town, and i find only glass!  Just my luck. Better luck next time, Pierre. Better luck next time.


I had to be out of town unexpectedly for three days. First thing i do on the way home from the airport is stop at my veterinarian’s clinic and pick up my sweet poodle, Jimmy. I don’t like to leave him there even though everyone who works there is great. But i had to go away on such short notice that i couldn’t find anyone trustworthy to come into my house.  And i have some things of high value here.  I walk in my front door and let Jimmy off his leash. He’s glad to be home, and so am i. Immediately i can tell someone has been here, and i know who it was, or rather, who he was. Pierre. And i know what he wanted. He was cautious all right. Everything is in its normal place. He knows what he’s doing. But i know he left without the most valuable thing. He didn’t recognize it for what it is.  He’s brilliant in some ways; a fool in others. I go to my wall safe behind the reproduction Degas of the Dancers In Rehearsal. I open, and yes, the velvet box is still here, and the ring is in it.  It’s a platinum band with a forty carat heart shaped sapphire. When i look at it, it doesn’t look real, but i know it is. When i hold it in the palm of my hand, it changes like it’s alive. Like a chameleon. I say, hello my old friend. I’m so happy you’re safe. The sapphire glows and gives me a wink. You see, this is no ordinary sapphire. It belongs to Chronos. This ring can alter time. And if there was ever a time when we need to turn back time a few weeks.. this is the time!  I say, so my wonderful friend.. what say we go back to November 2nd? …

M. Raynes


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