My Freudian Slip

Yesterday, i made a trip downtown to my  favorite vintage shop, Lacey’s on Virgo.  It’s a magical place.  I bought a beautiful 1920s era winter white hat decorated with lovely red silk roses, and a vintage pale pink silk slip with soft lace around the low v-neck. I’m wearing it tonight under my blue dress. I know, a pink slip under blue, but it’s perfect. The slip falls two inches above the hem of the dress.

I’m going to a holiday party with my friend, Ryan. Yes, we’re friends. Nothing sexual in this relationship; not that i haven’t fantasized about him.  He’s picking me up any minute. My heart’s pounding, and i have a warm tingly feeling.

There’s the doorbell. Hey Ryan, come on in. He says, you know Lyd.. i’m not looking forward to this party.  I’d rather we stay here and watch a movie.

And i think, all of a sudden i’d rather stay home too.

Then he says.. I have an article i’m working on for West Monthly, and i was wondering if you’d like to work with me on it?

Yes!  I do want you, Ryan.. I mean, want to work with you.

Wow, i think, where did that come from?

Would you like to ride with me back to my place, or stay here?  I have my laptop in the car.

We can go back to your place and i’ll ride you there.. I mean ride with you over there.. or whatever. And i think, Good God, what’s wrong with me?

He smiles.  I say, how about we stay here. I have some wine. It might make the work more fun?  Let me slip into something more comfortable. …Geez, i think, i must stop saying stuff like this. He’s going to get the wrong idea, or the right idea.  There i go again!

I have that tingly feeling under my dress. When the lady at the shop rang me up, she said, enjoy the slip, miss.  It’ll make you tell the truth.

I walk down the hall to my room to change, and Ryan looks for a movie to watch while we work. I remove my dress and slip and the tinglies go away.

Ryan says.. I need to use your bathroom, Lyd.  I think, he’s been over here quite a few times, but i’m not sure he knows where my bathroom is. So i say, sure Ryan. Down the hall, second door on the left.

Okay!… Next thing i know, he’s standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I’ve left the door open, and i’m naked.  Why did i tell him the bathroom is the second door on the left?  This is my bedroom!  Guess i can blame my pink Freudian slip!



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