The Fifteenth Opal

Hello all!  Mirelle here!  When i last left you, i was midstory and hiding under Isabelle’s bed in the Three Fates’ penthouse with Jessica, their crystal ball. So moving on, Eris and Scorpius finally left and Jessica and i came out from under the bed before Finley and the Fates’ butler came back. And.. I absconded with the golden apple, the Eighteenth Amethyst,  and i kept the Tenth Topaz key to the Three Fates’ penthouse. Phew!  And no one is the wiser. Lena, Stephanie and Isabelle will be away for three more days, so Finley is still crystal ball sitting.

I must confess that i have a sudden desire to be bad. I want to cause trouble. I’m fourteen, and i’ve never been a troublemaker.  I’m an excellent student.. I always tell the truth, and i’m a good person. I confess, though, that i haven’t told my parents about the apple, the key or the gem. I guess that’s lying by omission. Here’s the thing.. I want to return the apple, but i want to keep the topaz and amethyst. The reason i kept the key is that i’m planning to go to the penthouse later, as soon as my parents leave for a holiday party. My problem.. how do i know there’s no one up there?

Just now, my cell beeps with a text. It’s Jessica. Wait, she’s perfectly round. How can she type a text?  It says, come up at 7:20 tonight. No one home.  We have to watch out for Finley. She’s not who she says..  And i think.. ooooo, more intrique. I feel like Nancy Drew. Guess this is the part of me that wants trouble. I have to take the apple back, and this feeling will go away.

Finally time for my parents to go out. Yes, i have their phone numbers. Yes, i know not to answer the door. Yes, i know who to call.  I wait five minutes, then head up. I get off the elevator, and it seems there are more jungle plants in the hall. The potted palm that hid the Tenth Topaz is gone. In its place is a taller palm strung with white lights.  I slide the topaz key into the lock and go in. Jessica greets me at the door and rolls to a different room this time. I follow. I get a text. Lena’s room, it says. I look around. In this room, there’s also a tapestry covering one wall.  This one is of Artemis and Apollo, and many forest animals. There’s a huge brass bed in here, not oak like Isabelle’s. Jessica chirps and jumps. I get another text. Leave golden apple on dresser. So i do. Another message says, take the Fifteenth Opal. Finley wants, but cannot have… I pocket it.  Just now i hear the penthouse door open!  Not again?!  Who is it this time?  Jessica rolls under the bed, and i drop and roll. Heavy sigh.. under Lena’s bed this time. What will happen now?

M. Raynes


One thought on “The Fifteenth Opal

  1. Hi! Sorry I haven’t been commenting on this series as much as I used to, but I have a question: do you have a tag that has all of the “series” of short stories you’ve written? I’ve gotten a little off-track with this one, as I’m kinda busy. What I mean is, is there a tag for this series? That way I can catch up on it. Thanks! Still looks good!


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