Trouble is the Color Yellow

Saturday is french toast day, and i need the french toast today. It’s been comfort food for me since i was a child. Our election was two weeks ago, and i’m still recovering. I don’t understand the result, and i’m afraid i never will. It’s mind boggling. Now i think i might make a martini to go with my breakfast. A mimosa won’t cut it.  Just now i hear my doorbell. Who would stop by at 8 am on a Saturday?  I don’t bother asking who’s there.. i just open the door. No one, but there’s a letter on the door mat. A lovely pink envelope with my name on it, Nicole Redman. I take it back in and open. Maybe it’s a winning lotto ticket, and i’ll be able to quit my job and move abroad somewhere. Somewhere orange egomaniac won’t become President in January. Nop, no lotto ticket. It’s a note. It says, Dear Nicole, i tried to move time back to November 5th, but it was a no go. I need your help.  Chronos’ ring malfunctioned, and he’s missing.  Last i heard, he was at his home in the Madeira Islands, but i’ve been calling and calling. The place is deserted.. as are his homes in Tahiti and Brussels…

This person the must have me confused with someone else. I have no power over the passage of time. I’m not a goddess.  My superpower is only to be able to have lots of alcohol and not get inebrieted.  It doesn’t affect my heart or liver either. I know, weird superpower, right?  And why drink a lot if i don’t get drunk?  Well, i want a martini for breakfast because when i drink, i can feel trouble. I can feel it around me like an aura, and the aura is yellow. First i feel yellow, then i see it.  On the morning of November 9th, i drank an orange cosmo with my sausage and eggs, and i’d never seen so much yellow everywhere. It was all around. Trouble.. and i was the only one who could see it.

Anyway, the letter goes on.. I’ll keep trying to contact Chronos, but here is Sherlock Holmes’phone number at Baker Street. Please contact him. We need him. And i think, why me?  Who does the letter sender think i am?  I really need a martini. I put the letter back in its envelope. I’ll call Sherlock after i’ve had a couple of drinks, then i can see how much trouble i’m in.

to be continued..

M. Raynes


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