Time and Fate Are Missing

The Tenth Topaz key to the Three Fates’ penthouse is missing, and so is the potted palm where it was hidden. Not only that, but the Three Sisters.. Lena, Stephanie and Isabelle, the Fates themselves, are missing. They were supposed to have returned from a short trip three days ago. To top it off, Chronos can’t be found. He’s not at any of his six estates around the world. Time cannot be fixed or changed without him. He left one of his rings with a caretaker a few months ago. She still has it, but it isn’t working properly. What’s going on?  The Universe is topsy turvy!   I know about these things, and i’m a human. I know because i read a lot. Others are oblivious. They’ve no idea what’s going on. They believe lies, and they voted in an awful President who will take office in January. Many time gems are missing. They need to be found and put together like a puzzle to fix things.

Right now, i’m sitting in my apartment on my couch with my mini schnauzer, Philippe, watching Blacklist on Netflix. I need a glass of wine. I keep checking the news sites online for new information, but there’s nothing. Only celebrity crap. Stuff about Brad and Angelina.. Gwyneth and whoever. Who cares?  No news of fate and time. What will happen tomorrow, if tomorrow comes?

A text comes in.. Gisele.. you’ve been chosen. Go to your mailbox. Who on earth is this?  Well, i need to get my mail anyway. I’ll get the mail on my way out. It’s time for Philippe’s walk. I put on his leash, my coat, and head down.  My apartment’s on the ninth floor. We get to the boxes, and i slide in my key, #914. No envelopes, but a wrapped box two inches square. I rip it open. A little velvet box. In it, the most gorgeous gold and green tourmaline ring i’ve ever seen. At least five carats. Another text. Part of the puzzle, Gisele. The Twenty Fourth Tourmaline. You only need ten other stones, and time can be repaired….

To Be Continued..

M. Raynes


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