The Witch’s Watch

What does one do when one’s cat is a jewel thief? I went into my kitchen a few minutes ago to get a glass of wine, and i stepped on a ring. My kitty, Walter sat beside it and looked up at me as if to say, look what i caught!  He does the same thing with his toy mice because he doesn’t go outdoors.  He’s strictly an indoor boy. This isn’t my peridot ring, so my bad furry sweetheart clearly stole it.. but from whom?

Walter starts to paw at the cupboard under the kitchen sink. He’s telling me to look. I open the cupboard door and see my regular stuff.. sponges, drain cleaner, kichen trash can.. the usual suspects. It’s my apartment, so i know what’s here.  But Walter stares at me like i’m the biggest fool in the world. I look behind the garbage can and find a blue handkerchief rolled up in a ball in the dustpan. I open it to find a gorgeous pocket watch. It’s gold with a monogram and a beautiful mother of pearl face. The monogram has the beautifully engraved initials COG. I say, well now, Walter.. where did this come from?  I go to close the watch, and its face begins to glow, feel warm and smell like the sea. I begin to feel dizzy. I stumble to my couch and fall on to it. The last thing i remember is looking into Walter’s eyes. He’s sitting on the arm of the couch watching me. Just before i pass out, i realize he has a human’s eyes….


Well finally. I thought she’d never get it out of there. I was getting tired of being a cat. But she had to find the watch and touch it first. And the ring is my gift to her. I slowly put it on her left ring finger where it belongs. I have some explaining to do when she wakes up….

M. Raynes


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