Time’s Been On Vacation

There must be something that can fix things. Time is missing. The Three Fates are gone. They supposedly went on a brief trip, but they haven’t come back. Their crystal ball is being cared for by a woman who might not be trustworthy. No one knows. I, Mirelle, have the key to the Fates’ penthouse. I’ve used it twice, and i’m going back later to check things out more. I get texts from Jessica, she’s the crystal ball, when she finds out when Finley, her sitter is going to be gone for awhile. I smell trouble every time i go up there, but only for a couple minutes.. then the scent goes away. Tonight at 7. That’s when i can go again. Trying to be patient, but it isn’t easy. Doing some reading for school Monday in the meantime.


My sisters and i were supposed to have come to Boston for five days. It’s been nine. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but my two sisters and i are the Three Fates. I’m Lena, and my sisters are Isabelle and Stephanie.  I’m freaking out because Isabelle is missing. She disappeared two days ago. Steph and i have contacted everyone we know, and we’re goddesses, so that’s a lot of people. No one has seen or heard from her. We rarely separate. We go more or less everywhere together. Two days ago, Isabelle got a bad haircut. Sis and i didn’t think it was bad, but Isabelle thought it was awful. She’s vain!  First she wouldn’t come out of her hotel room out of embarrassment, then we realized she’s gone. No note or anything. This could be disastrous!


Time is away on vacation. That would be me, Chronos. I needed a break. But time is off kilter without me, i admit it. Guess it’s time for me to go back to work. Yes, we Gods have to work. We never get to retire.  I’m at the airport in Chicago airport waiting for my flight. I only went to Montreal. You’d think i went to another planet, people got so upset…

To be continued…

M. Raynes


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