Emma and Liam

Liam.. My Aunt Rae told me today about a pastry contest you might be interested in, sweetie. I’m online right now and i can enter you if you want..

Emma.. That would be great!  I’d love for you to enter me. I’m busy with my cake out here. Still needs to be frosted..

Liam.. I thought i had the website right here, but i can’t get in. Something’s blocking me.

Emma.. Let me see if i can help you out..

Liam.. I really want to enter you, but still having trouble.. Wait!  There we go!  I got in!  I just entered you.. you’re all set.

Emma.. that was quick. This sort of thing usually takes longer. Are you sure you entered me?  There should have been some kind of sound. I heard nothing.

Liam.. No mistake. Definitely entered you. I got a notification. Action completed. Quick and neat. No stress. Easiest entrance ever!

M. Raynes


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