Time Still Isn’t Fixed

I told you last night that time has been messed up for quite awhile, but no one knows exactly how long. One day it feels like weeks.. the next day it feels like one day. My Mom got up this morning and made my little sister, Riley, and i a big breakfast of french toast and bacon. She only does that on special occasions.. and sometimes on Sunday. Today must be a Sunday. But when Riley and i walked out to the kitchen, Mom said happy birthday, Maggie!  How does it feel to be fourteen?  And i said, Mom!  It’s still March. My birthday’s in May. You know that!  What’s really going on?  Then Riley said.. you know, cause she’s only nine.. who cares, Mags?  We get to have bacon, and later there’ll be cake!  If Mom says it’s your birthday, then it’s your birthday!  And i roll my eyes ’cause Riley drives me nuts.

This is the thing with time being messed up. People are starting to make their own time rules. Chronos needs to be found and soon. Later on i’m walking down the street to visit my friend, Mirelle. She said she has some secrets to tell. Something about a key and some upstairs neighbors in her building. I need some excitement. And.. I want to get out of here without Mom telling me i have to take Riley with me!  Maybe it’s a good thing she thinks it’s my birthday. Who knows.. maybe it is my birthday?  Anyway, Mirelle is a lot of fun to have around. She always seems to be able to find adventure. I’m not sure how she does it. It’s like she can smell it!  Well, more later!  It’s almost time for me to get going!  I’ll let you know what happens…

M. Raynes


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