Skateboarding in the Sky

Have you ever seen a skateboard fly?

I saw one today.. it was flying quite high!

My neighbor, Clara flew it, i saw..

She’s only fourteen.. so it must be against the law!

She said she’d teach me.. and by the neighborhood house, i’ll fly right by!

Can you imagine all that i’ll see?

The treetops, the rooftops.. i’ll be wild and free!

Her skateboard is pink with wheels of green..

It’s the coolest one i’ve ever seen!

Soon i’ll have my own, and Clara can race me!
But i, Holli.. I want a purple one!

Purple’s a better color and much more fun!

Never again will i have to fly in a plane..

I can fly through clouds or just down the lane!

In rain, sleet, snow or sun!
I can fly to San Diego to visit Aunt Carol..

Or to Missoula to see Great Uncle Merrill!

I’ll keep my skateboard in my bedroom at night..

That’s where it’ll be safe, and i’ll sleep tight!

I can’t wait to fly to Paris to see my old friend, Darrell!

M. Raynes


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