Last night a burglar broke into our house..

He was quite noisy, not at all like a mouse..

The robber turned out to to be a mischievous skunk..

Not a racoon or a human, but indeed a real punk..

The skunk, named Roger, sprayed my wife’s blouse.

Roger the skunk has visited before..

I keep thinking he’s moved, but he comes back one time more..

We’re not sure how he gets in..

He likes to nose around the outside bin..

I’ve read all kinds of skunk legend and lore!

But no matter what happens, the solution i miss..

Sometimes i think he wants to give our dog a kiss!

When Roger leaves.. our kitchen stinks..

These are not humorous hijinks!

I suppose it would be worse if he just took a piss!

Perhaps we should give in and adopt smelly Roger..

And he could become here a permanent lodger

We could take him to our vet..

Roger and Doctor Welles have never met..

Otherwise he’ll be a burglar ’til i’m an old codger!

M. Raynes


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