The Wrong Woman

Here i sit, in a booth in Van Jenerven’s, watching my boyfriend eat dinner with his ex. His girlfriend before me. The woman he left for me.  Yesterday, Philip and i were still together, but today, because time has been messed up for weeks or months, no one is sure, Philip is back with Delia. He hasn’t left her for me yet. In fact, he just saw me sitting in this booth.. our booth.. and he showed no sign of recognition. He didn’t show up at my place this morning, so i decided to come here for lunch solo. And who do i see first?  I want to go over and wrap my arms around him, but he’d think i’m crazy. He’s eating his favorite meal.. chicken and biscuits. They make the best here. And he’s drinking a Widmer Hefeweizen. He’s smiling that smile i love so much, but it’s directed at Delia, not i. I want to shout, Philip!  Over here!  It’s me, Philip.. Heidi Doherty. I’m the one you love.. not her. But i can’t do that. I need to let time straighten itself out.. or actually.. Chronos needs to return and do his job. Delia will cheat on Philip, if she hasn’t already. I don’t know when in time we are. Her hair is different than i know it. It’s short.. pixie style.. and she has different glasses. Philip looks the same, but maybe three or four years younger than when i met him six months ago. This whole time thing is heartbreaking.

I go back to my gin and tonic and fettucini alfredo. I know, the fettucini is a heart attack on a plate, but i am so stressed out!

I hear a voice. Philip is leaning on my table and looking right into my eyes. He says, excuse me miss, my girlfriend and i think you look like you could use some company. Why don’t you come join us?  He gives me his wonderful, open smile. I look over at Delia, and she’s smiling too. It’s a genuine smile, so i smile back.. and i get up to go join them…

M. Raynes


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