Gravity’s the only law Fran would like to violate

In her mind during the day, many ideas percolate

Fran hasn’t had a speeding ticket

Not since the time she drove her Jeep into Bankville’s thicket

Who’s the latest man in her life, Fran’s neighbors love to speculate

Gravity’s made Fran’s breasts sag quite a bit

But until she met Floyd, she didn’t really give a shit

For Floyd Fran truly has the hots

Floyd.. he just loves to play the slots

But Floyd admits Fran has a lot of grit

All in all Fran’s butt looks quite fine

She wears tight dresses when she goes out to dine

Fran dyes her hair a lovely shade of red

No gray for Fran.. she’s either red or dead

But no dyeing it pink, that’s where Frannie draws the line

Floyd’s decided he’s head over heels for Fran

Just last year, he thought he loved Nan

For her wedding, Fran’s found a special bra

And the night before, she’ll be at a fancy spa

Floyd’s best man will be his best buddy Dan

M. Raynes


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