Lexi & Dan

Lexi sees Daniel across the crowded bar

She’s knows his taste in cocktails.. she notices from afar

She’s wearing a short blue skirt

In a mini, it’s more fun to flirt

Lexi wonders what Daniel drives for a car

Daniel has noticed Lexi too

He thinks, wow, there’s a woman i can woo

Daniel carries a comb in his right back pocket

But sadly, not a bright bulb in his upper socket

He needs to first check his teeth in the loo

Between his front teeth, there’s a piece of meat

Sadly, Daniel’s not very neat

Lexi needs to check the hairs on her chin

If she has a beard.. Daniel she’ll never win

When she’s sure she’s beardless, Lexi goes to the bar and takes a seat

Lexi and Dan make out right away

She sits on his lap, and they begin to sway

Daniel’s tongue  goes all over the place

Down to Lexi’s cleavage, where there’s smooth skin and lace

Lexi says let us go take a roll in the hay

The two get a room up on the tenth floor

They don’t make it to bed.. they do it against the door

Lexi and Dan take a shower together

They’ve nothing to say, so they discuss the weather

When they’re not hot and heavy, each finds the other a bore

M. Raynes


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