May 35th 

Everyone knows there’s no snow in May

But there are three feet on the ground.. have been since Wednesday

Time’s all off kilter

As if it’s missing its filter

Chronos is missing, maybe somewhere on Mirror Cay

Cupid is missing

So no one is kissing

Spring is usually the season of love

But no one has seen Cupid’s lovely white dove

So instead of kissing, many couples are hissing

The three sister fates have gone on a trip

There’s a rumor that Stephanie broke a hip

In May there are supposed to be blossoms of cherry

And people everywhere are supposed to be merry

Alas, people think Chronos is into the nip

Most know that May 35th is so the wrong date

But the month didn’t change, and now it’s too late

Who ever heard of May 35th?

Time needs to be remedied, and done so forthwith

But who can help find Time and Fate?

A few of my neighbors have contacted Sherlock

They’ve gone back in time, and on his door they knock

Sherlock Holmes has a special mind

And all around know he is also kind

But he has no answer, and we’re all in shock

So who do we see to get time fixed?

If it’s not fixed soon, June will surely be nixed

Who would kidnap the God of Time?

The dilemma makes me want a g&t with lime

What if Time has been deep sixed?

M. Raynes


4 thoughts on “May 35th 

    1. Thank you! I’m having so much fun writing these, and i’ve always had a vivid imagination. Plus spening time on stories helps me get my mind off, you know, my sense of impending doom regarding Trump! Thanks again! So glad you enjoy my posts.

      Liked by 1 person

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