February 42nd

It’s 83 degrees out there. In February. This is Portland, Oregon. It should be about 45 and raining. And when i logged on to my iPad this morning, the date said Tuesday, February 42, 2015. That can’t be right, but time has been wrong for awhile. Yesterday was April 3rd. Everyone knows February comes before April. But until Chronos is found and brought back from whetever he is, this is the state we’re in. Mixed up days, months and weather. There are no planes flying. Everyone is driving, walking and taking staycations. It’s crazy!  No one knows what tomorrow will bring.. or whether it will still be February or we’ll have moved on to October?  The good thing, is that today, Barack Obama is still our President.  I feel as though i just voted for Hillary last week, and she lost to that idiot. But i’m not sure anymore. So today, i’m just going to hang out at home, watch some Netflix and do some reading. I want to spend some time alone. Peace, quiet and no confusion, or having to argue with anyone about what day it really is.

So i settle in with a glass of pinot noir, my kitty, Skylar on my lap, and an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix. One thing i’m thankful for with these time troubles, is that wine is as fabulous as always. It hasn’t been affected ..yet. Knock on wood. (I’m superstitious like that.)

I’m only ten minutes into the show when i happen to look at my fireplace mantel. Skylar is looking too, and his ears are back, and his fur is standing up. I hear a scraping sound. Maybe it’s coming from the apartment next door?  I mute the TV. Skylar jumps off my lap and runs toward the fireplace, and that’s when i see it. A vase that doesn’t belong to me. There’s nothing in it. It’s six inches tall, a beautiful shade of green, and it has handpainted figures of the sun, moon and the constellation Libra on it in gold. How did it get there?  I shiver because someone has obviously been in my apartment. I walk over to pick up the vase. I pick it up, and i almost drop it because.. it talks!  It says.. you don’t have to be so grabby!  Be gentle! …I want to drop it like a hot plate. I back up because i need to sit down.  I go back to the couch. I’m still holding the talking vase. Did i just say that?  Yes. A talking vase. It says.. that’s right. Sit down and we’ll talk. It’s a man’s voice…

He says.. hello, Drusilla. I’m Chronos. I need your help!

And i think.. this cannot be happening. I have so many questions. I say, well, you’re obviously not missing. You’re a vase in my apartment!  Why are you a vase, and how did you get here and why is time so screwed up?

Calm down, Drusilla. Please. I have a lot to explain. I’m here, but i’m also somewhere else. I don’t know where. I need you to find me!

This is ridiculous!  You’re a God!  What do you mean you don’t know where you are?!  How incompetent a God are you?

Please don’t be angry. I want to fix time, but i need my ring back, and i need the Three Fates to help me. That’s where you come in, Drusilla…

M. Raynes


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