Sherri & Santa

Sherri waits eagerly for Santa to come

She’s expecting a delicious sugar plum

He’ll slide down her chimney

He’s flying straight up from Bimini

While she waits, a lovely Christmas carol she’ll hum

Sherri’s wearing a pretty green silk dress

There’s not much to it.. she’s more comfy in less

Sherri’s fifty six, but she looks like she’s thirty

But her face is so stiff, it’s hard to be flirty

She’ll not refuse Santa.. her answer will be yes

Santa told her he’s been working out

He’s so hard and muscular, he’ll make her shout

But Sherri really wanted to bounce on his belly

She totally has more stamina than Nelly

She’s sorta disappointed.. but she’ll try not to pout

Just now she hears his sleigh on her roof

Down her chimney, he’ll slide in a poof

Sherri’s already horizontal on her couch

When it comes to being ready, Sherri’s no slouch

Her dress will come off.. she’ll not be aloof

M. Raynes


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