Lucie or Sherri

From Santa, Lucie wanted just one kiss

But she got a mere elf, so for Lucie no bliss

Instead of red, Geoff the elf wore green

His outfit had the true polyester sheen

Geoff really tried, but the entire date was a miss

Sherri did much better with her date, Santa

Tomorrow they’re getting married down in Atlanta

Santa has the biggest sugarplum ever

Sherri has decided they’ll break up never

At their reception they’ll drink lots of gin and Fanta

Sherri and Lucie were once very close

But Lucie can be quite annoying and verbose

Sherri doesn’t want to live up in the North Pole

She’d rather live in Tahiti, high on a knoll

But Santa likes the North and needs a daily cold dose

So Lucie might win herself Santa after all

Sherri might just be in for a fall

Lucie doesn’t at all mind the cold

All in all, she’s the woman who’s bold

Lucie’s not bothered by a bad snow squall

M. Raynes


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