Deidre’s Magic Thigh Highs

Deidre loves her black magic thigh highs

She goes to Shea’s Boutique, and the same brand she buys

On her dates with Nick, she  wears those and her heels

When Nick sees Deidre.. he’s so turned on, he reels

After they do it, he’s so grateful, he cries

Deidre is three inches taller than Nick

She loves to drive his car.. it’s a Porsche with a stick

Sometimes Nick makes Deidre his famous mac and cheese

She eats it while topless before a fire, so she won’t freeze

Nick chooses the wine, after all, he’s no hick

Nick doesn’t know that Deidre has a twin

She’s afraid he’d cheat, and that would be a real sin

Deidre’s twin is named Ella Lynn Macy

She’s really quite nice, but sometimes she’s racy

But Dee has her magic tights, so she’ll now and always win

Deidre always knows the true perfect spell

The right words she knows, and she’ll never tell

Plus Macy wears white thigh highs.. never the black

The white ones aren’t magic and have a seam up the back

The magic’s in the black.. it’s all good and well

M. Raynes


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