Kellebelle and Gavin

Kellebelle found a magic purple crystal ball

In spring it’s purple, but turns pink in the fall

She wants it to seduce a man named Gavin

He ‘s super duper hot and so worth havin’

Gavin’s got blond hair and is over six feet tall

Kellebelle and Gavin are not yet having sex

To get him in bed.. she’ll have to use a hex

Kellebelle is thirty two and has really large breasts

She likes to go braless and wear low cut vests

They go to Rico’s and get their favorite Tex-Mex

Kellebelle keeps the crystal ball under her bed

So far it hasn’t worked on Gavin, but it works on Ed

Poor Kelle has wished upon a star

But maybe they need to go to a bar

But Gavin’s not at all easily led

Kelle’s going to give Gavin one more chance

The ball told her to ask him to a winter dance

She bought a new dress, it’s a brilliant red

If this doesn’t work, Gavin might find himself dead

Kellebelle just wants some sex and romance

M. Raynes


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