Yet Another Random Thought

This is likely something to which only women will relate.. that feeling when you want to go braless for an entire day.. maybe even two whole days, but you really can’t. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t.. because you’re over 50 and you need the added support of a bra.. or forget the ADDED support.. you just need the support plain and simple. Because gravity. And as much as you’re tempted to go without.. you won’t because your grandmother can see you from heaven.. and she knows what you’re thinking. She’s thinking don’t you dare young lady!.. Even though you’re not a young lady anymore, but to her you still are. That feeling.


12 thoughts on “Yet Another Random Thought

  1. If I’m home, you can bet I’m braless. I read an article with a study that stated that sagginess actually had more to do with childbearing, genetics, muscle tone, ect. and less to do with a lack of support. So if you feel inclined, swing freely, guilt free. lol!

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  2. My mother would have a stroke. I haven’t been without a bra on since I was 10 years old! My mother even had ‘sleep’ bras for us girls. Unless I’m in the tub I have on a bra. My mother’s voice is too embedded in my head! lol

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    1. I go braless a lot at home, but sometimes people drop by to visit, especially at holiday time, so i have to be ‘careful’. But there are times when i would love to go unsupported all day, even when i go out, but i don’t. I don’t want to frighten anyone out there. Lol. And thanks. Glad you enjoyed the metaphors. 🙂


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