Posie and Ollie

Posie and Ollie drink Miller beer

It’s nice and cheap, so they keep it near

When they drink, Posie sits on Ollie’s lap

But if they drink too much they end up taking a nap

If Ollie gets drunk he’s whiny and a pain in Posie’s rear

Posie’s decided she’d rather drink Bud

And she wants another boyfriend, ’cause Ollie’s a dud

Posie’s turning grey, but she wants to be blonde

But she can’t afford a stylist, so she’ll need a magic wand

Then she’ll find a much sexier stud

Posie wants to go where the grass is much greener

And really, Ollie has too small a w**ne*

Ollie just wants to stick to his Miller

His only wish is for a bigger rototiller

His interest in Posie could be a lot keener

Posie wishes she could afford better than Boone’s Farm

But to their small budget, Pinot Noir would do harm

When push comes to shove, Posie truly loves Ollie

For Posie Ollie gave up his ex girlfriend Polly

Posie makes a super fabulous chicken parm

M. Raynes


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