Four Keys

I intend to follow the instructions to the letter. The note containing these special instructions.. from Lena.. one of the Three Fates.. was delivered to my mailbox day before yesterday. It came in a lovely lavender parchment envelope with the prettiest cursive writing i’ve ever seen.  Definitely addressed to me, Calista Rallston. When i pulled the note out of the envelope, my fingertips tingled and my heart started to pound. A page of handwritten directions. I’ve been recruited to help find Isabelle, one of Lena’s two sisters.. and one of the Three Fates. She’s been missing for quite awhile. One would think these goddesses.. especially sister goddesses.. could keep track of each other, but apparently not.  Anyway, i have to go to Three Hearts Park at 7 in the evening and look for a specific Douglas Fir Tree. It’s late January, so it will be dark at that time. The tree is sixty feet tall, like so many other Doug Firs around it in the west side of the park. But if i look up at exactly 7, i’ll see a lavender light at the tip top of this special tree. The light will only shine for two minutes, so i can’t be late. The note also told me what to wear. I must dress warmly in a wool coat, a hat and to bring mittens. It’s not raining as it usually is this time of year.. it’s clear and cold.. 28 degrees. Well, Lena is one of the Fates, so i guess she knew what the weather was supposed to be. She was right. Do the Fates control the weather too?  I know they don’t function well when they’re separated, that’s why Isabelle must be found. They suspect she’s hiding on purpose. Stephanie, the other sister is with Lena in Tucson. They were all in Boston for a brief vacation when Isabelle went missing.

The second part of the instructions said that early this afternoon i would receive a package at 3 pm.. which i got. In the package were four keys. One of the keys will open the door in the tree. There’s a door in the tree?  Each key is different.  One is a skeleton key that’s silver and encrusted with tiny lavender stones. I think they’re little amethysts. On the little handle is engraved the word ‘north’. Another key is gold, and kind of like my apartment key, but the little handle has a little green stone in it. An emerald?  And this one has a number on it.. 773. The third key is old.. maybe even ancient, and large. I think it’s copper. It’s an odd shade of green. It has the number 881 on it. And key number four is the prettiest of all. Maybe it’s the one that opens the tree’s door? It’s bright gold. So bright it glows. It’s heavy. My fingers tingle when i touch it.  It looks like it came out of a treasure chest.. and encrusted with a few rubies and sapphires. The words ‘unlock time’ are engraved in it. One of my questions is.. and I have many.. why doesn’t Lena know which one opens the door?  This is a riddle, i guess. Oh well, time for me to bundle up and head for the park. I don’t want to be late. I will not disappoint Fate…

M. Raynes



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