Swinging on the Hill

I’ve always wanted the blue house on the hill

But it belongs to those swingers Phil and Jill

The barn is also painted blue

It’s two hundred years old.. it’s hardly new

That Mr. and Mrs. .. lots of gin they swill

Though they’re married, Jill likes her neighbor, Randy

He knows how to fix plumbing.. he’s very handy

Phil doesn’t know how to fix a thing

He’s also misplaced his wedding ring

Randy and Phil both have the hots for Candie

Maybe if i offer enough money for the home

I can have it.. and Jill and Phil can move to Nome

Too many love triangles

That are more like rectangles

Maybe i should give up and move to Rome

I just can’t get that house out of my mind

It’s such a gorgeous antique find

If only they’d find somewhere else to swing

So many loud parties, the neighbors’ ears ring

The relationships are so complicated.. they’re in quite a bind

If i someday buy the house, i’ll paint it red

I know the perfect place to put my bed

Then i can do some swinging of my own

And all my sexy tricks i can hone

‘Til then i’ll just keepsleeping with only Jed

M. Raynes


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