Rotten Egg

If honesty had a scent, what would it be?  Perhaps petrichor.. or the scent of antique books that have been enjoyed over and over again. Maybe the heady smell of spring hyacinth.. or soft pink apple blossoms. Wonderful scents that bring back exquisite memories. And what is the color of honesty?  Perhaps deep purple. Or vivid emerald green. Red is the color of power; not honesty. Too much power corrupts. No honesty there. Does honesty sparkle like the stars in the night sky when they’re not corrupted by light pollution in the cities? Yes. It shines like white fairy lights at Christmastime. But then, what is the scent of lies? Not a beautiful scent, certainly. Maybe skunk. Rotten eggs. A moldy, rotten orange covered in black spots. Surely an unhealthy smell. For some of us, it appears, honesty in a person is indistinguishable from dishonesty. If only lies would announce themselves in a way people couldn’t deny.  We are now saddled with an utterly dishonest President. A liar who wears power ties, but spews nothing but lies, lies and more lies. In my imagination, he smells like skunk. Of course, not really. But when i see a skunk, i run as fast in the other direction as i can.. the way i’d like to run away from you know who, but i can’t. He’s a fixture now. I see an orange skunk. Or smell a self aggrandizing rotten egg. Greedy. Disgusting. He’s dangerously dishonest. And like i mentioned above, i picture honesty, sometimes, as having the wonderful scent of a favorite old book.  None of that with this guy. I would wager he’s read very few books over his lifetime so far. I won’t get started on what i think ignorance smells like…. 


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