Closet of Alternative Facts

This is a long walk, but i’m almost there.. almost to the Five Firs apartment complex. It’s a six mile walk from where i live. The instructions told me i couldn’t drive, i needed to come here on foot. I’ve only had my driver’s license for two weeks, so that’s just as well.  ….

Last night, i heard a knock on my apartment door. I answered, and when i did, there was no one there. There was just a lovely package, six inches square, and wrapped in blue foil wrapping paper.  A note attached said.. Enclosed is the key to the closet of Alternative Facts. I laughed out loud. I thought it must be a joke. But then i unwrapped and opened the box. I found the most beautiful key i’ve ever seen. It’s gold. I can tell it’s real. My Dad was a jeweler before he retired. I know these things. And not only is the key gold, but it’s encrusted with tiny rubies. Twenty four. The key’s handle is the best part. There are two large opals side by side. The key sparkles, and it smells like cinnamon. How could the key to such a bad place.. a place filled with lies.. be so gorgeous?  It also feels warm to my touch. Like it’s alive. It also doesn’t seem real that there’s a physical place where Government Lies.. or as it prefers to call them.. Alternative Facts.. are stored. But it’s true. And this is not the only place. There are other places around the city where these lies are hidden until they need to be used. My mission, and i chose to accept it.. is to go to to Five Firs Apartments, #527, open the closet, and release the Lies from their enclosure. I’ve learned they don’t want to be lies.. they want to be Truths. How i’m supposed to get into this apartment building, then get into the right apartment, which is currently occupied, by the way, then open the closet door, is the next part of my story. I’ll tell you when i get that far. One more half mile, and i’m there. Oh, and i should probably let you know who i am, and who chose me for this mission. I’m Norah Dennison, i’m sixteen, and my mission was assigned by none other than Diana, the Huntress Goddess. …..

M. Raynes


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