Reading My Book

I’m reading my book.

Rachmaninoff’s Symphony no. 2 on low volume

Glass of chardonnay to sip

Husband sits near me reading his book
I’m reading my book..

I hear a little rain on skylights above

Snickers, our tabby cat wants attention. I lean over and give her a few pats and a chin rascal.

She wants more attention.. and jumps up in my lap. Maybe she wants to read my book?  She swishes her tail in my face
I’m reading my book

Husband has begun to softly snore

Snickers has curled up in my lap and fallen asleep. I guess she doesn’t want to read my book.

I think i should get up and go put the laundry in the dryer… But..
I’m reading my book..

I think just one more chapter, then i’ll retire for the night

Snickers is snoring in my lap and husband is snoring beside me. Rachmaninoff has stopped playing. My wine glass is empty
I’m reading my book..

I’m getting sleepy. Just a couple more pages.. just five more minutes

I think.. People who don’t read don’t know what they’re missing..

I’m reading my book…

M. Raynes


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