Lulu and Horace

Lulu Jayne loves her pink pearls and wine

She loves her man Horace with whom she often goes to dine

Lulu has a brand new Porche

Where clumsy Horace spilled some borscht

There’s a stain on the seat, so Horace crossed the line!

Lulu has a nice and neat house

She also has a rabbit who’s as quiet as a mouse

Horace likes to listen to the Rolling Stones

Lulu cooks a lot for him’ cause he’s all skin and bones

But overall he’s a great guy.. definitely not a louse

Lulu likes low music and lots of candlelight

Horace wants to marry her, ’cause living together isn’t right

So he gave sweet Lulu a sweet ruby ring

She was so happy, it made her want to sing

Horace needs some platform shoes so he’s closer to Lulu’s height

M. Raynes


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