My spell requires..

Sixteen red roses.. A dash of salt.. A teaspoon of nutmeg.. And the blue of your eyes

My spell requires..

Three four leaved clovers.. A dash of brown sugar.. One sprig of white lilac.. And your lips on mine

My spell requires..

A teaspoon full of thyme.. One tiger’s eye stone.. A lock from a lion’s mane.. And your fiery red locks on my pillow

My spell requires..

The heat of one habanero pepper.. A teaspoon of cardamom.. A shot of scotch.. And your warm breath on my neck

My spell requires..

One blue diamond.. No eye of Newt.. A bowl of hot buttered popcorn.. And your beautiful voice

My spell requires..

One starry night.. One cup of orange blossom honey.. One glass of champagne.. and your embrace.

Most important for my spell is my love and desire for you. If the love is there, and it is, the magic always works. Always.

M. Raynes


7 thoughts on “Spell

    1. Thank you. I’ve got away from the magic in my stories lately. This is the first one i’ve done in awhile. With the election and inauguration here, i’ve lost some of my desire to write about nagic. Getting it back though. 🙂

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