November 56th

Well, i just finished watching the fifteenth season premiere of How to Get Away With Murder on Netflix. Two weeks ago, there were only four seasons available, but that’s how messed up things are around this town. When i stepped into the hall to get my newspaper this morning, the date said November 56th. No year. I haven’t read the paper yet. I rolled it up again and left it on the end table next to my couch. I don’t dare to look. Who knows what’s happening out there today. Chronos has still not returned from wherever he went. So many rumors about what happened to him. Was he kidnapped?  Did he get burned out and disappear on purpose?  No one knows. Every week, the headlines in the Oregonian say something different. Last week, someone.. supposedly from his inner circle, said he’d run off to Tahiti with Madonna. Madonna? Seriously?  I would think the God of Time would have better taste! Anyway, Chronos needs to come back and straighten things out. Between the fact that he’s missing, and The Three Fates have taken an extended vacation, things are in chaos.

I’m settling in for another episode of How to Get Away with Murder, a glass of Chardonnay, and the newspaper, which i’ve finally found the courage to read.. when my phone beeps with a text. I reach for my phone.. next to my wine and paper, and read the message. It says.. and i get little butterflies in my belly.. Macy.. Pack a bag, enough for three days.. and meet me in front of your fireplace in an hour. Have found Chronos. Need your help to bring him home!… Scorpius.

And i think.. Ooooo!  Scorpius!  I’ve never met a star before. Not a real star anyway. Oh i met David Cassidy once, for about five seconds ten years ago. But i mean i’ve never met a star from the sky. And my fireplace is only twelve feet from where i’m sitting, and i just did laundry so i have lots of clean clothes! This’ll be easy!  I could use some excitement in my life. What the heck! Why not? ….

M. Raynes


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