Claudine’s Carnelian

It’s 9:40 am on Saturday. I just finished my delicious french toast breakfast when i hear my doorbell. I think it’s been a year since anyone dropped by. I have people over once in awhile, but i always expect them. My doorbell plays Dress You Up, by Madonna. I know. I don’t like it either, and i’ve asked my apartment’s manager to get someone to change it, to no avail.  Anyway, i look through my peep hole and see two uniformed animal control officers. I roll my eyes, sigh, and open the door. My co-worker, Serena threatened to call them on me, and she evidently followed through.  The two men introduce themselves, and i let them in. I’ve nothing to hide, and they seem friendly.

The shorter one says, we’re really sorry about this, Ms. Therrien, but Ms. Hanna was insistent. You have a tiger in here.  We don’t believe her, of course, but she registered a complaint, so we have to check it out.

I contain my laughter.  Once they look around my apartment, they’ll think Serena Hanna is bonkers. Personally, i think she’s off kilter, or at least, too nosy for her own good. She doesn’t know she’s right about the tiger, and she doesn’t need to.  Let me tell you what happened….

On Tuesday morning after a department meeting at work, Serena and i went back to our cubicles. Unfortunately, hers is next to mine, on my left. My desk is in the left corner of mine, and hers is in its right corner.  She constantly pokes her head over the wall to talk to me. I try to ignore her, but it doesn’t work. And talk about endless questions. The strangest thing, is that she’s obsessed with my jewelry, one piece in particular. She offered to buy it from me a few times. I said no. Then she asked twice to borrow it. I said no.  I don’t blame her for loving it. It’s a beautiful piece. I inherited it from my grandmother. It’s a carved carnelian pendant on a gold chain, oval shaped, an inch and a half in diameter. The carving is of Diana the Huntress Goddess. Beside her walk a stag and a tiger. In the morning when i awaken; it glows. Serena hasn’t seen it glow, but i think she knows it’s special. I’m not sure how she knows, and that frightens me.

So Tuesday morning, she invited herself over here for a drink some evening after work!  She wanted to come over that night, but i said she could come Thursday at 7 pm and bring the wine. I thought, i’m going to fix her so she never bothers me again. And fix her i did!


Just as i start to lead the officers down the hall, my orange tabby, Garth, bounds up the hall. Martin and Geoff laugh, and Geoff says.. bet that’s the tiger Ms. Hanna was talking about….


M. Raynes


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