The Two Gem Dilemma

A Continuation of The Fifth Ruby….

Well, if Scorpius is inviting me up the stairs, i should go, right?  I’ve never met a star before, at least not this kind of star. This could be more exciting than meeting Matt Damon. Scorpius is from the Heavens, not Hollywood, so, in my thinking, much more fun. Then i can tell my sister, who says i don’t get out enough. Wait until she hears about this!

The bookshelf is open wide. The stairs are bidding me to go up. I get ready to step, and i hear someone outside the penthouse door. Not heavy steps, but the sound of stilettos clicking on the hardwood hall floor. I take a quick step back because the bookshelf door begins to close. I hear Scorpius’ voice say.. hide quickly! I think, damn it, i can’t get through the door. I hesitated too long. The door closes with a thunk, and the ruby in my hand turns cold. Now there’s the sound of a key in the penthouse door!  How many keys to this place are there?  I turn and run down the hall.  I take the first door on the right, across from Lena’s bedroom. I look around, and all i can think to do is hide under the bed. I think the drawing said this is Stephanie’s bedroom. It’s a gorgeous room.. decorated all in black and white. I’m flat on my stomach under the bed. I’m still clutching the ruby key. From my hiding place, i hear person in stilettos take steps around the living room as if in search of something… stopping and starting.

I hold my breath as long as i can. Then i breathe, but i don’t move a muscle. Out of the corner of my eye i see a sparkly, almost glowing object, two feet away from my left hip. I quietly reach out to grab it. It’s covered with dust bunnies. I pick it up and brush it off without making a sound. It’s a big, beautiful sapphire. Bigger than the ruby! I quietly place them on the floor side by side in front of me.

Just then, i hear the shoes coming down the hall. The sapphire begins to blink on and off. It gives off a bright blue glow. That’s just what i need. Not. I cover it with my right hand and hold the ruby in my left. It’s a woman wearing the stilettos. I can see them clearly. They’re magnificent bright red mary janes with four inch heels. They stop beside the bed. I feel like i’m going to pee my pants. The woman says, okay, Stephanie, where did you hide the sapphire key?  It’s mine. Apollo gave it to me, and i want it back!


M. Raynes


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