Over the Transom

Now that my belly is pleasantly full of lemongrass Pad Thai, i can get back to work. I’m full, but i’m still enjoying the delicious scents of the food wafting upstairs from Udon Thani. It’s the best Thai food ever. .. So, back to my desk and my typewriter. Yes, my typewriter. My boss, Isabelle, likes things done the old fashioned way. This whole office is old timey. The huge oak door as a big vintage glass doorknob, and there’s a transom at the top, the window of which we keep open from the time we open until the time we close. We have old fashioned file cabinets behind my desk. There are two large windows facing west with Venetian blinds and heavy dark blue drapes, always open. We need all the light we can get. This is Oregon, and it rains eight months a year.

Anyhow, Isabelle is one of the Three Sister Fates.. which makes her a goddess. She could have any kind of glamorous office she wants, but she loves this place. It’s unobtrusive. It’s also, to me, like stepping back in time when i come to work every day, like to 1940. I leave my cellphone at home. It wouldn’t work here anyway. There’s no internet service. Same with the three other offices up here and the Thai restaurant downstairs. I work from 7:30 am to 4 pm. This week is the second week in April as far as anyone knows. Isabelle agrees. I should probably explain that Chronos has been missing for quite awhile.  From week to week, time is seriously mixed up. So, Isabelle is teaming up with her two sisters, Lena and Stephanie, to find Chronos. There are lots of rumors as to where he’s hiding. Some people say Crete. Some say Buenos Aires. Some say Fargo. I laughed at that one. What God worth his salt, especially the God of Time, hangs out in Fargo?  Yesterday, i heard on the channel four evening news, that he’s possibly in Florence. Now that’s more like it!  All that great art!  That’s definitely a place i could hang for awhile.

I sit back at my desk to finish my assignment. It’s only 12:30 pm, but Isabelle has gone back to her penthouse across town. Most people around here think the Fates are missing, but i know that they’re only lying low for a few months. Lena is at her London flat. Stephanie is at her woodland cabin outside of Green Bay, and Isabelle is holding down the penthouse fort. But no one sees her come and go. She uses her own tunnel entrance from here and a special elevator up. They’re very cool. I’ve seen both.

Just as i finish typing my letter… it’s a long one, it’s headed for Saskatoon and addressed to Neptune, a large manilla envelope lands on the floor right inside the door. Someone just tossed it over the transom. That’s rather rude. The person could have knocked and handed it to me. I walk over to retrieve it. Yes, this is where it’s supposed to be. Sometimes we mistakenly receive packages meant for one of the other offices. But it’s addressed to Ashton, Larson and Fate Investigations, 3386 SE Scarlet Boulevard, Portland, OR. 97513. Attn: Agent 26.  Isabelle will want to know about this right away. Should i lock it up and text her when i get home? Or call her on the special landline?  Maybe she’ll want me to bring it over?  Just now, the envelope begins to flash on and off. It’s a funky blue light. The phone on my desk rings. I go over to check, and one of the four buttons on the phone, the second from the right, lights up in lavender.  My heart is pounding. It’s Chronos calling. Should i answer it?

M. Raynes



6 thoughts on “Over the Transom

  1. Once again, greatly intrigued. I really need to sit down, figure out the chronology of the Chronos stories (now that I think about it, is that possible?), and read them through again just to make sure I’ve got all the pieces. Are you using a special tag for all these stories? (Hint, hint. Unless you’re already doing that and I’m just clueless, which would surprise absolutely no one.)

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    1. No, you’re not clueless. 🙂 It’s not you, it’s me. I have to go back through them too and creat a special tag. I’ve not yet done it. As for chronology.. it’s supposed to be quite mixed up. It’s getting harder for me to keep track. Lol. And i was so not in the mood to write for awhile, that it’s all quite unorganized and needs to be fixed. Where’s Chronos when i need him??

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      1. Might I humbly suggest creating a separate page where you can list all the related links and then shuffle them around until they are in the order that you would like folks to read them? It sounds a bit arduous, and the initial set up might be a pain as you figure out which pieces to include, but once it’s set up it would be a nice reference page which should help both you and the reader…

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      2. Great suggestion! I’m going to start on something like that this weekend. There is no real chronology to the stories though. They’re all out of whack time-wise because that’s part of the ongoing story. But this morning i was looking at how many posts i’ve done here, and i thought, holy crap! I have a lot to organize. Some of the posts are haiku and limerick, but most are about time, fate and /or magic of some sort, and i started doing these stories back in gack! July! I will come up with a special tag soon, though and go back through them all… 🙂 I’ll try not to procrastinate.

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