Over the Transom – Into Hiding

Cont. from Over the Transom..

… The phone is still ringing, and i’m standing here staring at it. Could this really be Chronos himself calling, or is this a trick?  Isabelle has already gone home to her penthouse, and i was planning on leaving at 3 pm instead of 4 to run an errand on my way home.  I reach for the phone just as the ring stops and the lavender light stops flashing. I hope Chronos doesn’t complain to Isabelle that i didn’t answer his call. Then i remember that he’s hiding from her like he is from everyone else.  I wonder why he called her office to begin with?  It then occurs to me that calls that come in on these lines can’t be traced. Oh well. When i see Isabelle tomorrow, i’ll just tell her the phone rang, and i couldn’t get to it in time.. or something. Does that sound too much like.. the tiger ate my homework?  That actually happened to me once, but more on that another time.  Right now i need to figure out what to do with this envelope for Agent 26 that just came over the transom. This is important. I know Isabelle was expecting this, but she didn’t give me instructions as to what to do with it. I need to call her. I don’t like to bother her at home, but i think this is necessary. I pick up the phone.. line three, and dial her number. Her butler, Gerard answers. I tell him who i am and he calls her to the phone. She has a smartphone, but doesn’t like to use it. She’s old fashioned at home too.

I talk too fast.. Isabelle!  An envelope came over the transom addressed to Agent 26!  What do i do?  Do i bring it to you? Do i lock it up?  Do i take it to 26 myself?  What?  Just tell me what to do?!

Calm down, Mayden! Breathe in… breathe out… that’s right. Now.. this is important. Try to be calm and remember.. deep breaths. Are you holding the envelope?

Yes. Some kind of blue light is blinking on and off.

You can set it down on your desk. Now.. prepare to close up like you normally do. Close the transom window, close the shades and drapes.. make sure all the paper work is in the file cabinets.

I do these things quickly so i don’t keep her waiting. Transom window first. I need the four level foot stool for that. I’m pretty short.

I go back to the phone. What now, boss?

Okay.. place your right hand on the envelope. Say blueberry pie, and the envelope will stop blinking.

I giggle because i’m nervous, and because that’s kind of funny. I do what she says, and it works.

She says.. now, get your jacket and purse and go to my tunnel entrance. Wait, what about the letter to Neptune?

I was just finishing it up when the envelope came over..

Bring it with you. Put it in your purse. Nevermind locking the office door. No one knows the password besides you and i, right?

Right. I think.. the password to this place is very clever. No one could figure it out. And no, it’s not fate123.  I say, okay, Isabelle, i’m on my way!

All right, Mayden. I’ll have Kafka wait for you by the elevator here, and he’ll escort you up. .. Kafka is Isabelle’s sweet red tabby cat.

But, this envelope is meant for Agent 26.

We’ll figure that out when you get here. You should get out of there. Scorpius is on his way there. I’ll explain how i know when you arrive. I don’t want you there when he knocks. You’re sure the transom is closed?


Okay, leave now.

I walk to the broom closet to the right of Isabelle’s inner office door.  One last check to make sure i have Neptune’s unfinished letter. I put my right hand on the closet door and whisper meatloaf and mashed potatoes. The oak slider opens. I step in beside the mop and bucket, and just as the slider closes, i hear a loud knock at the office door. Then.. open up, Isabelle! You need to come out of hiding. The President is a disaster!

But i am out of there, and the broom closet elevator heads down to the penthouse tunnel. Phew!  I’m on my way!

M. Raynes



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