Yet again, i find myself with writer’s block

It’s as if on my mind, there’s a hard puzzle lock

It makes no sense

I’m not always this dense

Maybe i need a woodpecker to knock?

I’ve tried taking a break

But this feeling i can’t shake

My ideas come and go

So far tonight, i’ve nothing to show

Perhaps i should just bake a big cake?

It’s as if my brain has blown a fuse

Sometimes my head is just too full of news

I love to write a fun fairy tale

But my creativity, like bread, can quickly go stale

Maybe i only need a change of views?

I thought i might write about a king with crabs

One who eats pot roast, cut in big slabs

One with an ugly, bulbous butt

Who only knows how to strut

One who’s spent no time in any science labs

Then there’s a queen who’s really a vampire

And if truth be known, is a total trampire*

But she has better hair

Though they make a hideous pair

The king; however, is a loathesome liar

So maybe tomorrow, my ideas will return

But i can’t be sure, i’ve a lot to learn

I need something, my imagination to pique

I’d love it to be.. something unique

I need to buckle down, and with myself be stern

*’poetic’ license

M. Raynes


9 thoughts on “Ideas?

  1. Put two people you’ve known, who would never get along, at a table. Take a word. Or a name. Monet works. Let them go. We are not in control of the muse. See if they can work out their differences.

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  2. Clearly, your claim of writer’s block was a shameless bid for attention, as this was quite fun and entertaining. “Trampire” is my new favorite word and I will use it at least three times during dinner… 😉

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    1. So glad you enjoyed it. But seriously, at the beginning, i didn’t know what in hell to write about. Then i saw a photo someone posted of Melania, and that word trampire popped into my brain. (Yes my brain is weird, lol.)

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      1. And I was just kidding about you not really having writer’s block. I get it all the time but, luckily, 97% of the time I overcome it by doing exactly what you did: Just start writing what comes to mind and let the shape happen. Some of my favorite pieces are the result of just that. (And the Melania = Trampire bit is TOO funny.)

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