Tree and Trickster

I’m still on the path. I tell myself i’ll stay on it, though i see inviting spots off to the left and right.  The trees here are enormous and ever and always green. They’re everywhere to the sides of this path. I love to reach out and touch their damp, sturdy trunks. There’s one in particular i like to hug. It seems more lonely than the others even though it’s surrounded by friends and acquaintances. I put my right ear up to its trunk, and tree whispers to me. It says that today, it’s safe to go off the path.  I look up to its tip-top. I believe this tree tells the truth. I call him Cormac after one of my favorite authors.  So i walk another half a mile. A coyote steps into the path in front of me. He says.. follow me to the left over here. I say.. but there’s no path. He says, i’ll show you the way. I think, Cormac said it would be okay to veer away from the direct route, but he didn’t mention Trickster Coyote. What to do?  Trickster says, i’m Chaucer. You can trust me, and i’ll tell you a tale along the way. So i agree and follow this Trickster. I do love a good tale….


M. Raynes


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