The House Behind Mine

I wonder what goes on at the house behind mine?

It’s hard to peek through the winding ivy vine

I’ve heard a rumor there’s a skeleton under a floor

Or perhaps a body hanging inside a closet door

The saltbox black rooftop is covered with moss

And the home’s red paint has lost much of its gloss

It hasn’t been lived in for over six years

People who live around have quite a few fears

On the right side of the house, there’s an arborvitae hedge

On the left side is a three foot granite ledge

Once a month a neighbor mows its lawn

And when she trims the ivy, she begins at dawn

A few years ago, a young newly married couple lived there

Then one day they were gone.. alas, no one knew where

Three days ago i swear i saw a light on out back

For spying i have quite a great knack

I looked through the fence, and what did i see?

Not a what, but a who, i saw my neighbor, Bea

Bea was nosing around on the old back porch

When the back light went off, she panicked – dropped her torch

I heard it fall into a hole in the porch floor

And then nosy Bea could poke around no more

Then she went home, and i went back inside

But the next day i went out there, and i thought, behind the ledge, i’ll hide

I thought i saw a face in a window out front

I really wanted to get in there and hunt

All of a sudden, i saw a car drive up

Out got an old woman and her black lab pup

The woman reached for a key and put it in the front door

After all my spying this scene seemed a bore

She looked at her pup and said, Geoffrey, it’s time to go to the moon

And i thought, i hope something exciting happens soon

The front door closed behind them, and i couldn’t believe my eyes

The old, rundown house was just a clever guise

The house, it lifted right off the ground

And it began to spin slowly, around and around

All the neighbors, they gathered in the middle of the street

The gusts of wind from lift off blew us all off our feet

So there are no dead bodies in the house after all

Just a woman and her dog on a moon voyage in the fall

M. Raynes


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