The Troll in the Kitchen

Who squeezed the little troll’s dead body into the dumbwaiter?

Where the kitchen staff will surely find it later?

The warty little guy was shot in the neck

But there’s no blood around.. not a tiny speck

By the look of him, he is definitely an out of stater

Perhaps his killer is the butler named Steve?

He’s been working at the mansion since New Year’s Eve

The culprit could be the cook named Joey

Or the parlor maid whose name is Zoey

The troll is wearing a jacket in an expensive weave

What is the motive and why is he dead?

Is it because he was ignorant.. not well read?

That’s no reason to murder a troll

Or maybe it’s because he couldn’t bowl?

But for an internet troll, he was not well fed

Perhaps those on the web didn’t succumb to his bait?

Though a jerk, he didn’t deserve this fate

Maybe the killer doesn’t work in this house

But it’s possible she does and is just a big louse

Lately in many quarters, there’s an atmosphere of hate

Soon the kitchen staff will show up for work

They’re always on time, their duties they never shirk

Who knows which one will find him in there?

Will she scream or only stop and stare?

The police will be called, then they’ll come question and lurk!

M. Raynes

To be continued.. maybe?? Β It’s a mystery…



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