To Find Time

Am i dreaming?  It’s foggy. The fog smells like freshly cut grass and is flamingo pink. I’m flying. No, not flying exactly. I’m not flapping my arms like they’re wings.. i’m soaring. Yes, that’s it. I’m soaring. But i’m only about two hundred feet in the air. I can see through the fog, and am headed north. How do i know this?  I don’t know. I sense it though. School is out for the summer, i think. But i have to go back in the fall, maybe.  I have a mission to complete, and i have thirty days to do so.

I continue to soar above the treetops.  It’s now that i remember what i’m looking for. It’s a certain tree. A tall Noble Fir.. taller than most. It’ll be sparkling with silver lights.  At the top of the tree, i’ll see a door.  A Dutch door. The top and bottom open separately. It sounds weird, but it’s real.  Venus told me.  Anyway, the top of the door opens to one place, the bottom to a different place.  One good.. one frightening.  I carry two keys.

I feel as though i’ve been soaring for hours, but i’ve lost my sense of time, though i haven’t lost my sense of direction. Still going north. The keys are starting to weigh me down, and i’m getting sleepy. I must stay awake. I want to drift away into my dreams. I want to land in my warm, safe, comfortable bed. The fog now smells like wintergreen. It’s cold, and the fog as turned to a lovely celadon. But i can finally see the tree. It’s sparkling and magnificent. I soar toward it, and land on a sturdy branch near the top. I see the door.

Then i’m awake. So it was a dream!  I roll over and start to sit up. My heart is pounding.  If it was a dream, why are there two keys resting on the pillow beside mine?  One silver with rubies and one brass with pearls. And there’s a note. It smells like mint. I open it, and it says.. Amanda.. you know your mission. Take these keys, go to St. Lucia, and bring back Time. The future of our country is at stake.  Yours, Venus
M. Raynes



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