A Big Kissy

How about a big kissy?

A big kissy with a lot of tongue?

I only ate that onion and garlic pizza because it’s healthy.  Lots of blue cheese.. one whole white onion and the garlic of four bulbs, roasted.

I know, i forgot my floss. I usually keep some in my purse for just these occasions. You know, for when i want to be generous with my big kissies.

Plus.. just so you know, i need to eat lots of garlic to keep the vampires away. Doesn’t work with the werewolves though. In fact, i keep a lot of garlic hanging in those net things around my bedroom. I’m pretty certain you’ll see my bedroom soon.  You’ll love my big kissies even though they’re stinky.  I have a really sexy way with my tongue. You won’t be able to resist it. I can tell you’re that kind of guy!

Sometimes i forget to brush my teeth, but don’t let that turn you off. The rest of me is super hot. Wait!  You’re not a vampire are you?  I guess i’ll be able to tell when i give you that big, juicy kissy. If you’re repelled, i’ll know you’re a vampire.

Anyhow, how about that kissy now?  I’m not the most patient person, you know. How about that kissy and my hot breath on your neck before i take you home?

M. Raynes



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