Where Is Time?

Places where missing Time might be found…

Under a bed. Make sure people look underneath their beds before they retire for the night. (Just like they look for spiders because they don’t want one crawling under the covers with them overnight.)  Don’t believe them if they deny it. They know they check, even if they’re over thirty.

In peoples’ gardens. Time loves flowers.. especially tulips.. and has been known to tiptoe through them on occasion.

Anywhere around Portland, OR. He loves rain and he loves Voodoo Doughnut. Also, he might be disguised as a bookseller at Powell’s, so look there.

He just might be found on one’s couch when he thinks one is not home. He has a Netflix addiction, and especially enjoys the shows Daredevil and Arrow. (Yes, Chronos has a thing for superheroes.)

……. This is only some of the information compiled in a dossier on Chronos, aka, Time. It’s especially for you, Agent 27. I’ve made an effort to be brief with this first page, but there is more information coming your way.  Time must be found as soon as possible. He’s been gone too long, and we’re in chaos. This was supposed to be a brief vacation because he informed Venus he was burned out. After all, he’s been at his job since the beginning of time, and time is long.  Now we fear he’s walked off the job for good. That cannot be permitted. So, this is for you, and tomorrow you’ll receive another folder by special delivery. It will contain more inside information on Chronos himself.. and his habits.. good and bad.


Neptune, June 58th, 2017

M. Raynes



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