Time Unorganized

Time has run away and is hiding in Missoula

He’s met a hot woman there whose name is Tallulah

He’s been a long time missing

Because of the woman he’s been kissing

Tullulah’s also busy teaching Chronos the hula

Eris is creating chaos far away in Vancouver

Up there, she’s quite a shaker and a mover

Eris is sort of in love with Time

But she’s also moody and can turn on a dime

Eris is causing trouble for poor Gerry Hoover

The three Sister Fates are hiding out in Fargo

But it’s cold up there, so they’re heading to Key Largo

Time and Fate are therefore all wrong

Fate’s coming up short, and Time is too long

All this has caused a red wine embargo

M. Raynes



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