Ruby Trees and Time and Dreams

For five days, i’ve wandered through this forest. For six days prior, i walked aimlessly through a desert. Not a desert of sand, but a desert of thorny rose bushes and fifteen foot tall pink tulips. The forest.. the forest is made up of pink sand. Well, really white sand mixed with tourmaline crushed to dust. And there are statues of trees. Not green statues, but tall tree sculptures made of crystal and ruby.  I can tell they’re not man made sculptures. They’ve grown up out of the sand.  There’s no water anywhere.  How is this possible?  I have plenty of water to drink, though, and a lot of energy to walk on and on. I’m just not sure how i’m getting from place to place or what i’m looking for.

Time. I think i might be looking for missing Time. Such a difficult thing to find. Is Time an entity or a living being?  It’s not palpable either way.  These ruby trees are lovely. Last night, or was that two nights ago.. i slept for hours under a ruby fir tree. When i get home, i must keep this place a secret. There’s so much greed in our world; these trees would be gone in a matter of days. This place will definitely be my secret. Same with the rose and tulip desert.  No one must know. Well, i suppose Time and Fate know. They’re here somewhere, elusive though they are. When i look up at the sky at night, and thank the Universe before i go to sleep, i see so many stars.. constellations i can’t see above the bright lights of the city.  I feel as though i’ve discovered them myself, but of course i haven’t.  One is shaped like a flamingo. Another like a zebra. It even has stripes. There’s another that reminds me of a giant poodle. That’s when i wonder if maybe i’ve somehow journeyed to another planet. But i haven’t run into a single human or other creature in my travels. I repeat to myself that when get home i won’t tell a soul what i’ve seen. Who would believe me anyway?

I walk a little further, then decide i’m exhausted and need to rest. Normally i enjoy being alone, but now i find myself craving company. Maybe in my dreams i’ll see a friend? I find a gorgeous, large ruby Ponderosa Pine under which to rest. It’s delicate but sturdy. I hug it goodnight and lie down beneath it. I reach out to feel a feather light but warm blanket. It’s the color of spring daffodils. Where did it come from?  I long to find out why i’m here and how i got here. There must be a rhyme and reason.

I drift away into a peaceful sleep. But awhile later, i awaken to a whispered voice. I look to my left and see a leopard resting beside me. I’m not afraid. He says, Norah, let me tell you why you’re here. I’ve been sent to keep you safe and help you in your quest. For now, you need to rest so you’ll be prepared. Remember that i’m beside you. …

M. Raynes



7 thoughts on “Ruby Trees and Time and Dreams

    1. Thank you, Jac. About a half hour before i finshed this i wasn’t planning to write anything because i wasn’t in the mood. (more crap about our ‘president’ and how he’s making an ass of himself around the world.) Ten i decided a dose of magic might make me feel better. 🙂 I think i’m finally back to writing every day. It will keep me sane.

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