Are You Sure?

Are you sure she’s the one for you?  When you met her a year and a half ago, she said she loved your beard. I know you loved it, but six months ago, she decided she no longer liked it. Maybe you should shave?  At first you said no. But then you agreed. You told all your friends it was time for a change anyway, so off it came.

Are you sure she’s the one?  When you met her, she knew you’re a teacher and that you always want to be one. She said it didn’t matter that you don’t make a mint. But then she began encouraging you to take classes in business and management. I know you cringed a little. You told me how you felt, but then you signed up for a few classes.

Then came the house you share. It’s in a lovely neighborhood. You love your neighbors, and they love you. But there’s a four bedroom, three bath colonial across town, and best of all, it has a swmming pool. More room to entertain. You like to entertain?  Guess i missed that. I’ve known you for twenty seven years. But, i suppose i also get that people can change. Then, i also know that you have next to no debt. How will it be when you have a lot?

In the last couple of months, she’s begun buying you new clothes. Different shirts. Shirts in colors that you’ve never worn.  That marigold yellow thing with the screaming red tie?  A tie?  Are you kidding me man?  But like i said, change can be good.  It can mean growth, and that’s excellent.

What about your car?  You drive a ten year old Camry.  It suits you. You don’t trade cars every four years or more often like some people. You like to drive your vehicles into the ground. A car is something you like fine. You take good care of yours, but the last thing you want is a status symbol. Do you really like that BMW she’s nagging you to buy?  But again, people’s tastes change as they age…

And church?  You go to church now. You hate it. You told me that. What’s up with that, my atheist friend?  She must be pretty amazing for you to make yourself over this way. And yeah, she’s gorgeous. Better looking than i’ll ever be. You and i are friends. Maybe what i’m feeling is part jealousy. Or not. I really can’t tell. I love you though. I know that. And i guess if you’re happy,  i’m happy. But are you, James?  Please think some more before you leap! Are you sure?  I’m going to sign this because i’m writing it in my journal. You’ll never see it. Just wanted to get it out…

Anyway.. yours always.. if only you’d notice.. Karen.

M. Raynes


13 thoughts on “Are You Sure?

  1. It’s terrible to watch someone you care about make a big mistake, but sometimes you know they do it for love and there’d be no dissuading them. Especially if the person they love, loves them and thinks what they’re doing is for your friends benefit. About the only thing you can do is say ” Rather you than me man taking on a mortgage at this time of our life, and on a teacher’s salary too.” Maybe arrange a street bar-b-q so you friend sees just how many friends they’re going to miss.
    The one thing you can’t do is point out all the mistakes being made because if your friend thinks you’re trying to break him and the love of his life up…….bang goes your friendship
    You’re on a knife’s edge.
    Great story. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. My eldest met a girl in HS. They fought all of the time, on again and off. They ended up getting married-he was 22 and she was 21. By the time he was 24, he was divorced and so much more happy. We all knew it was a BAD idea, but she was like a comet and he followed her til he burned up in her atmosphere- WHY???????? I wish I could have protected him, it has made the younger son totally girl shy, and as much as I liked her, I did NOT want her for my DiL. Hoping this fictionalized couple finds their way into reality.

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    1. I’m so sorry that happened to your son, Kris. Heartbreaking for him and all of you. I hope this couple i know understands reality soon, but i doubt it. He’s too infatuated with someone who’s beautiful on the outside, but extremely selfish on the inside.

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      1. There’s also Burt Bacharach’s “Don’t Make Me Over.” All this needs is a drop cloth of Long Hot Summer behind it and it’s mint lemonade on a warm afternoon full of cotton dresses, uncomfortable men in wrinkled linen suits, an unexpected summer shower and it’s a touch of Tender is the Night.

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  3. This sounds a bit like what my son is going through, though he’s not quite to the point of owning houses or being a professional. But his girlfriend is bad for him, changing him in ways that I never thought he’d change. I’m hoping he’ll see what’s happening before too long.

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