Honore, Norah and More Questions

Honore and i refill our flasks at the spring. He tells me this spring is called Thirst of Truth. Still, i have so many questions for my leopard friend. I also feel as though i should be bothered that i was brought here against my will. But was i? Or was i asleep.. dreaming?   I don’t remember.  And could this be a dream itself?  Anyway, i’m not angry.  In a way, i feel like i’m home… We both take long drinks. Nothing unusual about the water. It tastes the way water always tastes.

Honore looks to our right and says, over there, Norah. About a half mile more is the tree i want you to see and touch. It’s the only amethyst tree in our Universe. Actually, the tree is a she. She has a heart that beats, a mind that understands right and wrong, and a compassionate soul. If you hug her, she will welcome you here.

Can she tell us where Time is hiding, Honore?

No. She might know, or she might have an idea, but it’s our job to find Time for ourselves.

Is Time a person, a God, an object imbued with special powers, or something in the atmosphere?  Time has been skewed back on Earth for a long time. We can’t even get the dates right. The day before i woke up to find myself in the Tulip Desert, it was April 63rd!  People keep talking about finding Time. Like he’s a lost secret.  But you probably know all that?  I have so many questions, Honore. Patience is not one of my strong points.

All in good time, Norah.

I glance at him, he has that same leopard smile with the twinkling eyes.

Not funny, Honore. But, really, i can’t help smiling to myself.

Then he says, i have many of the same questions you have, Norah. Everything was running on correct schedule until a year ago. Then all went haywire.  I had a meeting with Venus. She told me to prepare for a trip here. She said your grandmother is too frail to make the trip, and i should contact you.. well.. consult with your grandmother first. So i did. And here we are.

So you brought me here?

Not exactly. I’ll explain over dinner.


Yes. There’s a place i know of right before we get to the Tree.

I don’t see anything like that.

Again with his smile. You will, Norah. Just walk with me. I’m in the mood for a big raw steak. And this place has the very best tofu pad Thai for you!

And i think, so, they have Thai food and steak on other planets!  We DO learn new things every day.  I have so many questions, but i’ll have to be patient.   I suppose.

M. Raynes

To be continued..


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