Too Sleepy

Tonight i find i’m just too tired to write

All i want is some wine and some chocolate to bite

I feel super sleepy

But i’m happy, not the least bit weepy

Sometimes i give in, and the feeling i don’t fight

I’d wanted to write a story about a cat on Mars

And his old moose friend whose name is Lars

Alas, nothing came to me

My thoughts, they seem to be hiding up a tree

Then i thought of a tale of a skunk among the stars

There’s always stuff to write about spaceships on the moon

Or a sexy tale of a rogue who makes many women swoon

I could have told a story of a duck on a train

Or a scary tale of an orange troll on Mar-a-Lago Lane

Who i hope to see in convict orange by the end of this June


M. Raynes


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