What Is Covfefe??

So, what is covfefe, and how do i pronounce it in order to figure out with what it rhymes?  Is it a noun, an adjective, an adverb or a verb?  I cannot tell you how much it pains my mind to know that the ‘President’ knows a word that i do not!  I  suppose, though, that it’s more fun to make up possible meanings.  I thought maybe it’s another word for the miniscule pieces of food and drops of toothpaste that fly on to the mirror when (some of us) brush our teeth. In that case, covfefe is a noun.

OR.. perhaps it’s the orange residue left on a cloth after one removes the orange coating from one’s face?  Still a noun.

It could be an adjective. Another word for small maybe, as in, there are those in high places who have covfefe hands. How about an adjective used to describe incredibly bad hair. For instance, wow!.. His hair is bigly covfefe!  Sad! How about very covfefe?  It has a certain sophistication, don’t you think?  No?  I don’t think so either. It was only a suggestion.

There’s the possibility that covfefe is an adverb!  Yes! Add ly to the word and we’ve got something!  Not sad!  Perhaps the meaning is similar to the meaning of often?  Like this, he certainly tweets covfefely.  I like that, but i’m likely mistaken. That’s not its meaning at all.

So, after all this, is it a verb?  Covfefe!  What an action word. I covfefe!  You covfefe!  We all covfefe very bigly! Covfefing.. (i assume the e is dropped?) is outstanding!  No one covfefes like i do!  I’m the best covfefer ever, and eveyone knows it!  Thing is, what is covfefing?  Complaining?  A new word for tweeting?  Does it mean to spew toxic waste and lies every single day??  Hmm. Your guess is as good as mine.

M. Raynes


16 thoughts on “What Is Covfefe??

    1. Thanks! Sometimes this ‘President’ and the things he does make me want to scream and tear my hair out. I get so angry. But laughter is a good release and it’s better for my health than being so sad about him all the time. Some of the memes ibread online today are hilarious! I got quite a few good laughs.

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  1. It’s the worst spelling of coverage I’ve ever seen and used in a sentence that never ends.Don’t tell me he wants to add dyslexia to the list of problems he displays along with not being able to climax.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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