It’s in the Stars

I and my cats stargaze..

And i wonder what they think.

Do they see Orion the Hunter?

Ursa and her cub?

Leo the Lion, their cousin?

Do they wish as some of us wish for

A kinder planet?

I like to think they do.

There is one thing i know for sure..

That we humans are not the brightest bulbs in our world.  Not the smartest animals by a longshot.

And if the stars could speak our language, they’d tell us how stupid we are.

Same goes for our cats.

Even dung beetles know shit when they see it!

Someday, in the the far future, a child will come across an orange dung beetle.  Perhaps he or she will crush it the way children sometimes crush bugs. Maybe.. the other dung beetles will see it and scurry away?  Or maybe, the child will let the dung beetle continue to eat shit and live in shit because it’s deserving of that life?

Karma, friends. It’s a real thing!  Never forget it!

M. Raynes



9 thoughts on “It’s in the Stars

  1. We are supposedly the most intelligent race on the planet and yet we exercise the least common sense regarding the planet itself. The thought of Karma playing a part in having an orange dung beetle with a head full of shit in a different way than now, is wonderful.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. The sparrow was happily eating corn cast off by the chickens in the barnyard. It was cold. Really cold. The sparrow wasn’t sure it would make it, even with the bits of corn tossed its way. FWAP. A warm, steamy, giant cow pie landed on the sparrow’s head. Oh dear, oh dear. The barn mouser happened along about that time, and the sparrow couldn’t decide what to do. Cry out and possibly be eaten by the cat, or keep it’s mouth shut? Sing and be happy for the warmth? Possibly die in a pile of drying poop, or sing out and end it now? Or wait and see if the rain came, or the cat left or it warmed up or, God forbid, the cow decided to pee! So the sparrow, caught between so many risk scenarios, sang it’s heart out, and the cat ate it. But the sparrow was happy before it was silenced. Unlike the sparrow, a lot of people decide to keep their mouths shut and stay warm and happy when they find themselves buried in a pile of poop. Hopefully they will discover that silence is more deadly than the barnyard cat. Before the cow decides to pee.

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  3. Worst ‘Cat Who’ book was the one where the cats were communicating with outer space. I am absolutely a cat person who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that my cats know much more than I imagine, but that was an awful read! Yours is better. :o)

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    1. Oh yeah, that was indeed the worse one of all. But I don’t think Lilian Braun wrote that one. I think someone else did and used her name with permission from her family. Whoever it was did an awful job. I enjoyed quite a few of the others actually written by Ms. Braun herself.

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