Time’s Hideout

Time and Tallulah love their giant brass bed

They’ve run away together and are hiding out in their sweet love shed

The roof of the shed is not made of tin

On the porch is a well stocked bar where they store their favorite gin

Soon they’ll fly to Vegas where they plan to secretly wed

But not if the Fates can find them first

And Eris knows their secret, and she’s ready to burst

There’s much speculation about where the God of Time has gone

Plus Tallulah doesn’t know that she’s become Venus’ pawn

When she finds out there’ll be Hell to pay, and it will mean the worst

This secret shed is located outside the city of Raleigh

It was built long ago by Neptune to be his very own frivolous folly

Eris will arrive there before the Fates

She knows how to sneak in through the magical garnet gates

Seems everyone’s forgotten about Time’s long ago ex, troublemaker, Holly

If all show up at once, it will mean quite a fight

Especially if Time and Tallulah have gone out to dance all night

Then again Time might figure all this out in time

Right now he’s contemplating all, and drinking gin and tonics with lime

And Time, he’s always one step ahead, even when time is tight

M. Raynes


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