When Fates Disagree

The three Sister Fates have taken a vacation

But what they’d love to do, is change their vocation

They never agree

As the Universe can clearly see

They’ve all become lazy, and have lost their motivation

Lena, the oldest is in love with inventor, Steve

Isabelle’s been in San Diego since late New Year’s Eve

Stephanie would love to start a solo act

Or perhaps be a writer, and that’s a true fact

Any way you slice it, their current job they want to leave

But it’s important that they soon return to their post

Of Time, they’ve totally not made the most

Chronos himself knows where they are

He’s aware they’re scattered near and far

Eris knows too, as she loves to boast

All in all, it’s an enormous mess

Apollo’s called in Sherlock ’cause he’s the best

If anyone can find them, Holmes and Watson can

Time loves them both.. he’s their biggest fan

Thing is that Time’s hiding too ’cause he needed a rest

M. Raynes


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